Quito’s Historic Center Tour

Formally known as Saint Francis of Quito, this remarkable city stands as the capital of Ecuador 2.850 meters above sea level. It’s located on the east of Pichicha’s volcano. Quito also stands as the headquarters of the Union of South America Nations. Virgen del Panecillo San Francisco church Top destination traveling Ecuador! The city can … Leer más

The Cableway | TeleferiQo

The Quito cableway, or cable car, or TeleferiQo (teleférico + Quito) is located on the slopes of the Ruco Pichincha, a few minutes from the city. The main attraction is to climb to the top and admire the valleys, the snow-covered mountains, and the panoramic view of the city of Quito, starting at 2.950 meters … Leer más