Otavalo Artisan Market Tour

Otavalo is an indigenous town very famous, having visitors from all over the world. The residents, Otavaleños, offer their crafts and textiles that attract those who visit the place. At the same time, Otavalo’s indigenous preserve their ethnic culture and they strive so that it prevails, both in the city and abroad.

Otavalo is known for its artisan market in Plaza de Ponchos where locals dress in traditional indigenous clothing and sell multi-colored handicrafts. Otavalo’s residents are very friendly and respectful. They will happily show you Otavalo’s fascinating surroundings and spectacular scenery.

Otavalo Artisan Market - Travel Ecuador | Quirutoa
Cascada - Otavalo
Otavalo Artisan Market | Quirutoa Transfers & Tourism
Otavalo artisan market

Visit the province of Imbabura known as the “Province of the Lakes” because of the number of large lakes that are found in it, such as Lake San Pablo, the Cuicocha, and Yahuarcocha lagoons. At the same time, he knows the city of Otavalo, where the largest indigenous market in South America is, an ideal place to make purchases of looms of various designs with folkloric motifs. It is also found in the nearby towns where the development of handicrafts has been encouraged; the production of carvings, sculptures, fabrics, leatherwork.

Otavalo Artisan Market - Travel Ecuador | Quirutoa
Otavalo artisan market
Otavalo Artisan Market - Quirutoa
Otavalo artisan market

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