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Quito's Historic Center - Travel Ecuador | Quirutoa

Admire Quito churches, squares, museums, and colonial houses – as you dive into its old streets, culture and history start revealing, and you become part of the scene, for an unforgettable experience. Top destinations!

The Cableway - TeleferiQo - Travel Quito - Ecuador | Quirutoa

Witness the panoramic view of the city of Quito, from the Andean mountain range, reaching 4100 meters above sea level. A magical combination of vertigo and fun makes this walk a memorable experience. 

Middle of the World - Explore Ecuador | Quirutoa

Feel the emotion of being in two hemispheres at the same time, perched on latitude 00º00’00”. Visit the Intiñan Museum! You will be able to observe scientific experiments and learn about indigenous cultures in Ecuador.

Top places to visit in Ecuador!

Mindo Natural Paradise - Travel Ecuador | Quirutoa

Mindo national reserve invites you to explore its charming natural attractions and enjoy adventure tourism such as canopy, canyoning, observation of birds, butterflies, orchids, hummingbirds, and hike through the cloud forest wonders. Explore now all nature wonders of Mindo!

Otavalo Artisan Market - Quirutoa

Visit the indigenous town of Otavalo, famous for its great textile skills. The art of this indigenous culture possesses an amazing charm. By visiting Otavalo you’ll get to know the cultural richness, history, and commercial development of the town. This is a unique cultural immersion you’ll never forget. Explore!

Thermal Waters of Papallacta - Travel Ecuador | Quirutoa

This SPA is a destination where you can relax and rest surrounded by a unique natural environment, full of tranquility, peace, and love for nature. The place has multiple spots with hot springs that will give you health for their strong medicinal properties. Experience relaxation deep in the cloud forest!

Best destinations in Ecuador!

Cotopaxi Volcano - Epic Hike | Quirutoa

For travelers that love mountaineering, it is an extreme adventure to demonstrate skill and ability while admiring the beautiful landscapes of Cotopaxi. Epic hiking!

Quilotoa Lagoon - Travel Ecuador | Quirutoa

Imposing lagoon appreciated for its emerald green color. It’s an overwhelming experience at approximately 4000 meters above sea level. Hiking.

Baños - Holy Water Baths | Quirutoa

Enjoy different ecotourism activities, ideal for practicing adventure sports, visit its waterfalls and discover the secrets of the hot springs. Top destination!

On the Chocolate tour, you can learn the process of chocolate from its plantation to the final taste of freshly made chocolate. You will be able to taste, feel the exotic and delicious combinations of artisan chocolate.

Chocolate Tour - Mindo - Ecuador | Quirutoa