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The Quito cableway, or cable car, or TeleferiQo (teleférico + Quito) is located on the slopes of the Ruco Pichincha, a few minutes from the city. The main attraction is to climb to the top and admire the valleys, the snow-covered mountains, and the panoramic view of the city of Quito, starting at 2.950 meters above sea level until reaching 4.100 meters. You can witness and experience a truly magical and incomparable place. The ride takes about 20 minutes and it’s one of the highest ascents in the world, traveling 2.237 linear meters up.

The Cableway | TeleferiQo Quito - Travel Ecuador | Quirutoa

Explore Quito's landscapes from way above!

The TelefériQo was founded in July 2005. You can ride up and enjoy the view, or you can also continue your ride with a hike to the summit of the volcano Pichincha. At the end of the cableway ride, you can enjoy a spectacular landscape. At the base of the cableway, you can find multiple attractions like great restaurants and the world’s highest go-kart track. There’s also a public restroom, a very cute cafe, and a few shops. It’s very cold at the upper station, keep that in mind and you’ll have a wonderful tour to the highlands of Quito.

The cableway - TeleferiQo - Quito Travel | Quirutoa
Teleférico Quito
The cableway - TeleferiQo - Quito Travel | Quirutoa
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